About Keebfront

The Story

Launched in 2022, Keebfront Ltd. Co. is a minority-owned collective comprised of custom mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who just like to approach the space differently. We share a similar upbringing - where PC building and gaming and acted as the gateway drug which led to the custom keyboard hobby.

Throughout this journey, you'll get to experience the unique mechanical keyboard products we use on a daily basis, as well as showcase own personal creations made by our team and artists alike. Step into our world and see the creative minds our team has to offer.

Our mission is about refining the brand, developing cooler concepts and researching new technology that can be brought to the custom mechanical keyboard culture to continue shaping this hobby towards its future.

Keebfront has many more new concepts that are being developed in the next few years as the brand and community continues to grow - stay tuned!

Influences & Addictions:

  • Mechanical keyboards
  • Comic books
  • Console/PC Gaming
  • Hiphop/Rap
  • Graffiti
  • Breakdancing
  • Trading cards

for customers...

To provide readily available custom mechanical keyboard products whilst serving you with the upmost fun, in your face, quality customer experience in the United States.

From the minute you visit our storefront, to the handle and care of the packaging, and delivery to your doorstep - the experience is one you will return too.

Additionally, a direct fraction of revenue goes to fund frontier carbon removal.

to designers...

Collaborate, promote, and support your creative work in the manner that it truly deserves. What you do for the custom mechanical keyboard scene is the very reason why we’ve seen such growth in our community.

Our Vision